Friday, October 8, 2010

Format change update - October 8th

This one is getting a lot of local media attention in Fresno. KRZR had been active rock for more than 20 years, and now has changed to "103.7 The Beat" (R & B oldies format). That's geared toward a different age group and audience.

The next one is technically not a complete format change. How about this? A station changes everything except morning drive. Killeen-Temple TX changes 101.7 from "The Eagle" (a rock station) to sports radio, yet keeps its syndicated Walton & Johnson morning show. We'll count it as a format change, but it sure will be interesting to see if or how much morning drive moves on the ratings scale over the next few months.

Finally, this one is almost too small to count. WDRD in Newburg KY (technically considered part of the Louisville market) has gone ESPN Radio sports in order to get ESPN back into that market. However, the station is only 1,000 watts during the day and barely 450 watts at night. Not to mention this move takes place as we close in on the least amount of "daytime" hours during the entire year.

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