Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who decides which commercials should air?

It's one time when a radio station or network listens to some of its audience, and the reason is merely a fuss about a commercial?

In case you missed the story, the Buffalo Bills Radio Network decided to pull a commercial from one of its sponsors after 2 weeks based on fans protest. Say what?

Granted the commercial was from a web dating site which is designed to be for those who are currently married or in a relationship and might be seeking something "extra".

This is not to say that I agree that such a web site is an ideal thing, but it's not up to me. I have seen and heard commercials for the organization in question via other sources, and simply exercise my right not to participate, as is the case with the majority of commercials I take in during the course of a day.

Yet, these people don't complain about erectile dysfunction and female hygiene commercials. Or if they do, the station doesn't pull them.

Radio stations should listen more to what the listeners have to say. But about the programming and NOT the commercials. Heck, if no one uses the "service" in question, the commercials won't be effective, and they'll go away.


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