Friday, March 6, 2009

It's what you do with a radio that counts.........

Typical radio industry attempt at publicity these days. There was a story earlier this week that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs revealed that he doesn't own a radio.

Then a story about how the HD Radio Alliance and Clearance Channel in D.C. "sprung into action". The story is that WIHT Washington had one of their air personalities deliver a new HD Radio and FM adapter to the White House for Gibbs use.

I guess they consider this a publicity stunt. I don't. They would have been better off to let the story get buried. Face it. If the guy is on the White House staff he is probably too busy to know what HD Radio is. He sees the AM and FM stations and networks all the time. HD Radio doesn't offer separate or original news. My hunch is that Gibbs is like a lot of others these days. Maybe he got tired of the clusters of endless commercials, lack of competition in radio newsrooms to actually investigate and break a story, and music playlists limited to a few hundred songs. I'm sure if he really "wanted" a radio, he would have one.

The fact that Gibbs appearantly was getting along without one speaks more volume than the "on/off" button.

Some people just don't get it.

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