Tuesday, March 31, 2009

As if we care about online radio commercials?

The case could be made that sales and marketing are becoming separate categories at CBS Radio, at least based on Monday's (Mar. 30) announcement. If this story had come out on Wednesday (4/1) I would have taken it for a dud of an April Fool's joke. As it goes with the current state of radio, I wish it was.

CBS Radio actually made it a story that it will have live reads by station personalities of commercials for its online and mobile streams. I must have missed the statistics about the number of CBS Radio listeners who tune in when commercials are read by the station announcers.

Once upon a time, music stations would promote things like "We play the most music". Now it comes down to promoting "We have the best commercials"????

To me it is hard to believe the quote in the story release from their "President of Digital Media and Integrated Marketing" about how this "will result in deeper online and mobile engagement, and listener satisfaction".

This being announced by CBS really did happen. It is not a joke. I wanted to be sure this post is dated before April 1st.

I can see it now. Their JACK-FM stations will probably have a "Playing the commercials we want!" promo on the air within the week.

Hopefully the rush of consumers logging in to hear CBS stations online and their live reads of commercials won't shut down the internet for very long.

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