Wednesday, February 25, 2009

how WCBS Radio could make a difference.........

I was totally underwhelmed at the "news" that WCBS-AM in NYC actually bothered to announce that its Yankees broadcasts would be "simulcast" on WCBS-FM HD-3.

Another typical corporate radio announcement. As if that would make people, at least those who understand what HD Radio really is, run right out and buy one to hear the same thing they already get on 880 AM.

Yet, to me, WCBS actually could make this newsworthy. For that matter, they could also do the same with the Chicago White Sox broadcasts (which are on CBS' WSCR Chicago). What could they do?

They could use these HD channels to replay the broadcasts. I've said this for months. HD Radio could bring innovation to over-the-air radio if only they would.

WCBS and WSCR (and other CBS stations with sports rights) should devote an HD channel to strategic replays of their teams broadcasts, or even to part of them.

Part of them? Let me explain.

Weeknight sports events run too late for many in the workforce who have to get up early on a weekday morning and can't always stay up to watch or listen to their team's games. This is especially true for the Yankees and east coast sports fans, where many road games don't begin until after 8:00.

When the Yankees play at the Angels or A's, the games don't even start until after 10:00 on a weeknight and often run until 1:00 AM.

Here is my point. The HD channel could and should serve as a way for WCBS to serve the Yankees fans. (This is the example for other teams and stations) My idea is for them to replay the entire game after it ends, and then replay the final hour of the game until about Noon the next morning. Why the last hour?

This way, fans would be able to get up in the morning and hear the last couple of innings and get a recap of the details of the game. From a New York standpoint, this could keep Yankees fans from tuning into WINS in the morning to get the final score - or to a non-CBS station. Even if they would tune into WFAN or a CBS station, their tuning into the HD channel keeps them in the family and on their "Yankees station".

In Chicago, WGN Radio, not a CBS station, has been the dominant morning station for the past 30 years. Replaying the last hour of a late White Sox game could keep listeners away from the CBS Radio competition, while better serving the team's fans.

Just to complete the day, I would replay the entire game starting at Noon, and then again around 3 PM. Some could listen on their way home, too. I would have to think the game advertisers would like the additional exposure that replaying their commercials would bring.

Let's make this happen. THAT would be a news announcement!

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