Thursday, February 12, 2009

Classic recorded rock radio

Who needs reality TV when even successful radio stations provide the drama? Days after another monthly ratings success comes out for Milwaukee's classic rocker WKLH, especially for their long running morning show, here come some schedule changes that only a radio station could bring us.

The station is returning popular Patti Genko to its airwaves. Sort of a "back by popular demand". However, the popular demand was not for a voice tracked show on weeknights from 9 until midnight. Why voice tracked? Because Patti continues her midday jazz show on sister station WJZX-FM from 10 AM to 2 PM each weekday.

So let's get this straight. Her show on one of the market's highest rated station will be voice tracked so that her show on the jazz station can continue to be done live.

To make room for the 9 to midnight voice tracked show, KLH is moving the syndicated Alice Cooper radio show out of that slot. And right into the almighty Midnight to 3 AM slot. I'm sure the syndication company is jumping for joy about that.

That move would leave only 3 to 5 AM for an overnight host. So we can't have that. The station now fills that time with a replay of Steve Palec and his "Legends of Rock" show. Not a replay from weeks or months gone by. A replay of the same show which aired from 7 until 9 PM, as a lead in to Patti Genko's voice tracked show. Yes, in stealing a chapter from cable TV, it's a case of exactly the same programming airing 8 hours later on a regular basis.

No wonder the morning show is so popular. For now, it is done live and is fresh every day. With some perserverance, that concept could make it in over-the-air radio.

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