Friday, January 16, 2009

another station format change

The Los Angeles station known for years as "Indie 103.1" has bailed, but at least some of the air staff had the opportunity to say goodbye on the air. This station has been plagued by signal problems for years, going back to its "Mars 103" days of what I called the "weird rock" format in the late 80's.

Yet, station management is supposedly blaming the PPM audience measurement as a reason for its demise. As if that station ever made an impact in the market. It had a small but steady core of listeners, with little variation. At best, long term advertisers had a reinforcement outlet. For my money, this is the type of "hip" station that people would purposely overstate under the diary system and PPM is more of a reality.

At any rate, the word is the station will go Spanish within the month.

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