Monday, January 3, 2011

Radio station format changes....Jan. 3rd

The new year means a new format for several stations around the country, separate from the many stations which returned to their "regular" format after weeks of only holiday music.

One other thing. Too many stations not doing holiday music wound up playing too much holiday music as if they would actually keep people who really wanted holiday music to tune away. All that did, for the most part, was drive some listeners further away. Another instance of management of AM and FM stations overlooking how their listeners have internet and satellite radio available to them.

Back to the recent format changes.

WNIC Detroit 100.3 FM is now "Fresh 100.3", while St. Louis KEZK is now "Fresh 102". These titles don't tell the listeners anything, since the vast majority of radio listeners don't read radio columns or keep track of formats in other markets. Generally speaking, "fresh" format stations are really "light music" stations geared toward a female audience.

Also in St. Louis, WSDD changes from "The Sound" to "GenX Radio". So, yes, you could say this radio station starts the year without "The Sound".

KMVA Phoenix is now Hot 97.5, although syndicated shows including Elvis Duran's morning show don't exactly fire up the locals.

KQXT San Antonio is now "The Variety Station". Upon further investigation, they play music of some sort.

Miami's 93.1 is taking it 'easy' as of the new year, now WFEZ Easy 93.1, getting rid of WHDR "93 Rock" in the process.

Two changes hit the Seattle market for the new year. KJR-FM 95.7 has gone ahead with its rumored change, moving back a few years as they have gone from Classic Hits to "Oldies 95.7". That is generally adding more 1955-65 songs and dropping some 80's tunes. The former Smooth Jazz KWJZ is now clicking along as "Click 98.9". If you are wondering, they now play modern adult contemporary, which figures to easily do better than the previous jazz format.

Fresno CA also has one less Classic Hits station. But it's a more significant change than in Seattle. Now the Fresno station is playing Spanish music.

Round and round she goes. Happy New Year!

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