Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuna still has good taste

It was great to learn that Charlie Tuna continues to attract a large following of radio listeners in Los Angeles to this day. Literally.

The latest radio ratings for L. A. show that Charlie's weekend shows on K-EARTH 101 came in first in the market in every important demographic. It is a reflection of both him and the station, but mostly him since these numbers on weekends are better than KRTH does at some points during the week.

His friendly approach has come across as sincere for almost 40 years in Los Angeles. He never was the on-air character like Real Don Steele, but has always done a solid job.

Simply put, it is great to see that after all these years at least one personality isn't being replaced , toned down, or reduced to a shadow of his or herself. Congrats to Charlie on this one.

Those of you that would like to enjoy Charlie from years gone by should check out our airchecks "store" at We have some from his KHJ days going back as far as 1965 and then into the 70's.

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