Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As if the Zune would make people notice HD Radio?

This morning I saw the articles about how Microsoft is planning to come out with an upgraded version of the Zune player this fall, which will include an HD Radio.

Later on I saw a story about how some broadcasters are pleased about this. Say what?

Let me get this straight. I could have my entire music collection with hundreds of my favorite songs in the palm of my hand, and could choose the specific songs I want to hear immediately in any order. Yet, there are people with Microsoft and at radio stations that think I would CHOOSE to listen to a radio station instead?

I have been saying this regularly for the past 3 years, and this is occasion to say it again. If the radio broadcasters had not gone to limited playlists, clusters of commercials after commercials, recorded and syndicated programming, and fewer promotions, then MP3 players and all of the other technical "distractions" from radio would not have made such a major dent in the consumer marketplace.

Here I am paying a monthly fee for satellite radio and carrying an MP3 player in my pocket which cost me over $150. Once upon a time, I didn't need these things, since my radio brought me all of the music I enjoyed along with news and sports. In other words, I'm basically paying to avoid AM and FM radio as it is now, and I live in a large market with more radio choices than a lot of other people have.

Why would the Zune make the effort to have an HD Radio, and why would people pay more to get it? Give me a break.

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