Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Smaller stations try a different format.........

Let's try another format! Some smaller stations have decided to start all over again within the past few days.

In the Chicago area, the 3-station suburban cluster known as "Nine-FM" with a moniker of "We Play Anything" has given up the battle after barely registering in the ratings books for the past three years. As of last week, they are now simulcasting 820 AM, giving the market a simulcast of 4 different AM/FM signals all with a talk format. FM talk stations have traditionally not done well in the Chicago market. Long time talker Steve Dahl recently had his 9 - 10 AM hour taken back so that "JACK-FM" could add an hour of music into morning drive in hopes of building some ratings. And now, just days before the Presidential election, a cluster of stations goes talk. Wonder what there will be to constantly talk about after the election hype finally ends.

Maybe they will do a continuous open line, and change the slogan to "We Talk Anything".

In Madison WI, "the Lake" changes to "Jamz". 93.1 FM goes from The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith to hip-hop. Talk about a total audience change. Or attempt to change over the audience. WIBA-FM figures to be the big winner, as the likely choice of even more classic rockers. At least in this instance, it is to become the first hip-hop station with a signal strong enough to cover the Madison area.

It is possible, but I'm not sure there are enough local advertisers in the Madison area to make "Jamz" a fit.

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